Solid State Organ Systems

rather than blind your with science we'll help you create brilliant pipe organs

Solid State have installed control systems in the world's largest organs for over 30 years.
To many, that's an age. But the organ world is timeless. Based on centuries-old values, organs last as long. Many builders trade through generations. An ageless mix of skill and musicianship keeps them to the fore.
To Solid State,success is about knowing just that. To produce systems, we consult organists and builders. We visit churches and halls. We join bodies and societies. we attend shows and conventions. In return every system comes with equal measures of trust, confidence and unflagging support.
Solid State products are designed to make pipe organs versatile, organ builders efficient and organists confident. Systems just made for technical prowess are hindrances rather than assets. Each performs tirelessly. Using a plainly-written manual, it installs easily. And in an industry where job-costing ia an art, it's priced accordingly. Fast, first-hand advice is Solid State's policy. It's available in an office, at the bench or up a ladder. we speak English, not techo-talk.
Finally, Solid State's support is for life. We've drawings, spares upgrades, manuals and backup for every system we ever made.