TiMax II Soundhub

TiMax II Soundhub

The TiMax2 system provides sound designers with an advanced real-time audio show-control machine for running live shows, events and attractions. The Soundhub-R version gives systems integrators and contractors a comprehensive set of audio routing, mixing, processing and playback resources with versatile remote control options.

Each Soundhub system incorporates a scalable multi-channel audio matrix and mix engine to handle multiple sources and multiple zones in a variety of performance and presentation AV installations ranging from museum, themed attraction, boardroom, hotels, bars and clubs through to theatre, opera, cruise ships and house of worship. Patented object oriented editing and translation of audio imaging allows for seemless transition between venues.

1602 Group distribute TiMax in the USA. For more information please contact TiMax worldwide sales and service at www.outboard.co.uk

Soundhub Features

A versatile audio toolbox and show controller suitable for both installations and live shows
The TiMax Soundhub is available in different versions providing specific solutions:

TiMax Soundhub-R: A level and delay matrix processor with playback and EQ for installations where an entry level system with simple cue control and up to 64 channels of IO are needed. Options of analog, AES, Dante, MADI and CobraNet are available

The TiMax Soundhub-S: Adds full featured show control to the Soundhub-R for complex installations, corporate events and live shows that need a full audio toolkit to create accurate audio imaging and immersive soundscapes.

The TiMax Soundhub VR: A sophisticated 16 track audio player with full show control for immersive and complex audio soundscapes with a wide variety of control interfaces. More Information

Elements of the TiMax object based sound animation is protected under US Patent

More information on the TiMax Soundhub is available at Outboard Electronics UK

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