Custom Touchscreen Control

High quality custom touch controllers for your project

With the introduction of low cost high performance touch screens such as the iPad and Windows 10 computers, 1602 Group has developed a flexible control system for our products and to control third party equipment.

The 1602 dedicated micro server provides a closed network wireless system that communicates directly with our system to produce events and respond to external control.

Portal Touchscreen Features

Leveraging today's consumer technology for custom applications

System Structure

AV Portal Touchscreen Technical Details

# Parameter Details
1 Devices Supported iPad, iPod, Windows 10
2 Network Standard Ethernet min 10Mb
3 IOS Browsers Safari
4 Windows Browsers IE and 1602 Custom for multi screen
5 Output Direct from server Ethernet, USB. Via Portal IO, GPIO, MIDI, analog IO
6 Controls Buttons, faders, lamps, numeric, video, drag to animate objects, timecode
Coming soon.

How are the apps installed on the devices?

With an IOS or Android device the apps are server based and run within a browser on the local device. This sounds very IT and grand but the 1602 miniServer is the size of a fat cellphone and drops in anywhere without any maintenance required.
Windows devices can run their own apps or from the server.

How secure is the system?

The server controls the access the rest of the system as this is the only way to pass control data. Access to the server is via the network and so as secure as that can be made. Commands from a wireless device are secured by the wireless security and can be limited to allowable functions to prevent disallowed activity. No, people in the audience can't download the app from iTunes and interfere with the show.

How do I edit the control surface?

The code to control the functions is a series of HTML5 modules that command the clever stuff on the miniServer. A web developer can make new control surfaces and 1602 Group engineering can add new functionality as required.