Portal Ethernet IO

Portal Ethernet IO

1602 Group has decades of experience with Ethernet IO controllers controlling thousands of systems around the world some with as many as 10,000 IO pins. The Portal system is the latest development and adds DIN rail mounting and a more modular approach.

The entry level Ethernet IO 64 system provides 64 DC circuits through a single network port. Signals can travel in either direction and modules may be chosen with either polarity.

The Ethernet IO Modular uses the same modules but with programming software allows almost infinite expansion of locations and includes routing logic. Modules can drive lamps and solenoids. Addins are available to record and playback real-time events and sequence a show.

AV-Portal - Ethernet IO

Part of the AV Portal system, Ethernet IO can be used simply to run circuits to a distant location over fiber or to control a variety of hardware. Portal IO is a physical addin to a software system