News from 1602 Group

1602 at AES 2017 New York

Duncan C , 15 August 2017

At this year's AES we will be showing the new TiMax Soundhub VR 16 track player. We will also have a great turnout of guys from the factory to help advise on your projects, visit us at booth 451.

IAAPA Attractions Expo

Duncan , 15 August 2017

This is a first time for us at IAAPA, this year we will have both the VR multitrack audio player and the new AV-Portal IO64 on show. We will be at booth 3280 in the new exhibitors section

TiMax at New York City Center Theatre

New York City Center Theater gets Upgrade

Duncan , 17 September 2017

New York City Center Theater uses a TiMax Soundhub to provide spacial audio images for areas of the stage. As new shows move in the audio can be quickly positioned using presets in the TiMax. The upgrade gives the theater the latest tools from TiMax including PanSpace.