The translator brings together devices under one control system. With a simple browser based editor the translator can be standalone or part of the AV-Portal system.

Inputs to the translator can be over IP, the AV-Portal system or with USB plug in modules such as DMX and MIDI. The data is then translated and resent in a new command lanugae of your choice.

portal translator
Based on a network of small but powerful processors the Portal system harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) model to produce a flexible but cost effective controller system that is remotely programmable via a web browser.

  • AES70 compatible
  • DIN rail modules for flexibility or 19" rack
  • Translation may be conditional on other events if desired
  • Link with AV-Portal Controller and AV-Portal Translator for more features
  • Low latency
  • Ethernet backbone IoT ready
  • GPIO with AV Transport addition



Portal Transport

Portal transport

Portal translator

Portal Controller