A new industrial controller designed for the AV industry. The Portal Controller leverages the flexibility and economy of off the shelf touchscreens and tablets to control a wide variety of devices.

portal controller
The Portal Controller user a mini-server to provide graphics control and then translate the data to command multiple devices over different hardware using the Portal Translator and the Portal Transport.

Based on a network of small but powerful processors the Portal system harnesses the Internet of Things (IoT) model to produce a flexible but cost effective controller system that is remotely programmable via a web browser.

  • Bidirectional communication between commercial touchscreens and AV equipment
  • Custom graphics-based control surfaces that run on any device
  • Timecode driven events controller with record playback features
  • Link with AV-Portal Transport to
  • Link with AV-Portal Translator to talk to non AES70 equipment

Examples of applications:
  • Integration of multiple systems into a single intuitive interface
  • Develop quick solutions for custom environments to control peripherals
  • Show control in Las Vegas for the largest screen on earth
  • A touchscreen controller for a live Theme Park show synced to video
  • Produce animated displays based on data from real-time devices


AV-Portal Controller pdf

TiMax Portal Screen Template



Portal Transport

Portal Translator

Portal Controller